Are Hippos Bulletproof? Explained in 2024

Since hippos have the thickest skin amongst all the creatures on the earth, our curious minds typically want to ask, are hippos bulletproof?

Hippos have around 2 inches of thick skin. But their skin isn’t bulletproof totally. Not the regular bullet can go through it, but a larger shell can definitely cause them to get hurt.

Are Hippos Bulletproof

Are Hippos Bulletproof

Hippos are not bulletproof. But their skin is as thick as it needs to prevent bullets. Nonetheless, hippos have been killed by bullets in the past. So, you can’t say that the skin is bulletproof entirely.

However, hippos are one of the very few animals with almost bulletproof skin. Their skin is 2 inches thick, which is more than capable of tolerating a bullet shot. Yet, a .50 cal is one of the many bullets that can perforate a hippo’s skin.

detail hippo skin view
Hippo Skin

Can a Bullet Hurt a Hippo

Yes. But not all bullets can hurt a hippo. You indeed will need a larger shell .500 Nitro Express or .450 Nitro Express in a double rifle is enough to kill a hippo. However, if you hit them in the brain with a regular bullet, it’ll hurt them.

A few analysts say that the oil they circulate out of their bodies makes their skin bulletproof. But there’s no solid evidence about it. It’s their skin that makes them strong enough to prevent regular bullets.

That’s why people in Africa used to use the venerable .375 for hunting hippopotamus. But in the case of regular bullets, they recommend a brain shot or a long shot is enough to kill hippos. A .308 Cal is what they use that would do the job from 200-300 m.

Can a Hippo Survive a Bullet

Hippos are known to survive entire shells of machine gunfire. It almost takes six rounds to get them on the ground. They can survive against regular bullets with any part of their body that isn’t connected for mating and seeing.

But if the bullets are larger than regular ones, hippopotami can’t survive. And in another case, if you heat shot them at the lower part of their body or the brain, They won’t survive.

Final Words

Hippo skin is thick compared to so many animals. Their skin can even tolerate gunshots. But they aren’t bulletproof. With some larger bullets, they can be killed.

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