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You may wonder to know-the giant hippopotami are pure vegetarians. When hippopotamuses were kept in the zoo for the first time, the animal lovers even wanted to know do hippos like chocolate and researchers are still searching for the exact answers.

Do Hippos Like Chocolate

Hippo’s favorite food and chocolates

People who think that hippopotamuses usually eat meat will be amazed to know that this African giant is an herbivorous animal. What is a hippo’s favorite food is nothing but the short grasses.

Most of the time hippo diet consists of grasses and their long intestinal tract ensures proper digestion process and distributes the nutrients to the whole body perfectly.

Chocolates contain nutrients and sometimes we love to know whether chocolates are able to fulfill the desired nutrients of our favorite African big giant hippopotamus or not.

What do hippos eat

Wildlife researchers first thought that hippopotamuses do not digest meat at all but they were found wrong. Sometimes, hippopotamuses eat meat when there is a scarcity of food. Hippos are also fond of fruits. As they are herbivorous animals, they can digest any plants; you just need to introduce the new plants to them.

Although hippos are pure vegetarian animals, at the time of scarcity of food they were found breaking their normal food habits. Even the researchers depicted hippos while eating carrion. There are reports that hippopotami can eat anything if they are starving for food and yes, they can eat humans too.

Among the plants, hippopotami eat lettuce and alfalfa. It is observed that while keeping hippopotamuses in the zoo, the zookeepers feed them watermelons and pumpkins. An astonishing fact about this giant African animal is that it can survive without eating for three weeks from the time its stomach is filled up.

Do hippos like chocolate

You may have heard the rumor that hippopotami love chocolate but actually they don’t. Hippos’ natural habitats are not found near any cocoa plants. Thus, it is obvious they will not be fond of chocolates.

However, during captivity, if you offer them chocolates they will not refuse it. They may eat the chocolates due to their curiosity but it cannot be said that hippos love chocolate.


Animal lovers are more inquisitive about hippos because this mysterious animal has some exceptional features, unlike other animals. The straightforward answer to the question-do hippos like chocolate is a big “NO”, they just eat it.

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