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Only mammals have secretion glands. All of them are warm-blooded. This means they regulate their body temperature on their own. Almost all of them have perspiring glands and secrete on a regular basis. The rhinoceros is also a mammal. But do rhinos sweat blood?

Rhinoceroses are one of the few mammals that have no perspiring glands under the skin and hence, do not sweat blood.

Do Rhinos Sweat Blood

Importance of Sweat

Perspiration is a natural phenomenon that is seen in mammals. Most of them perspire on a regular basis. This enables them to carry out the contaminants of the body. It also helps them to regulate their body temperature on their own.

Unlike reptiles, fishes, and amphibians who do not secrete and can’t regulate their body temperature. Their temperature entirely depends on the external environment.

Many of the mammal lather provides them with extra benefits. Such horse lather acts as a natural detergent for them. It is extremely protein-rich and Latherin is a major component of it. Or the hippo lather that protects them from sunburn and insect bites and helps them to cool down.

Rhino Sweat

Rhinos have no true perspiring glands and hence do not secrete blood. They rely on environmental sources such as canals, water holes, mud, dust, etc to regulate their body temperature.

They have to stay near the water and are seen being submerged in shallow water holes, rolling on dust, or basking in mud. This mud layer on their skin keeps it nice and cold. Insects can’t bite on it either as they’d just get stuck in the mud.

Rhino takes mud bath
Rhinoceros takes a mud bath

Blood Perspiring Animals

Though it is really curious to imagine about animals that secrete gore from as lather. But technically it is impossible. No mammal can secrete gore . It would make them dead. Unless they are patients of blood cancer and have to receive treatment on a regular basis they can’t perspire blood. It doesn’t sound cool anymore if you think like that, does it?

Hippopotamus does not secrete blood sweat
A hippopotamus walks through water

But interestingly the hippopotamus is an exciting creature that has red perspire. They don’t secrete gore but their skin is often red from a special kind of perspiration that has the sight of gore. They often secrete a reddish fluid from the special glands under their skin.

It is a common natural phenomenon for them. It is a natural antibiotic and skin moisturizer for them. The fluid appears full red when exposed to sunlight. Their skin is very sensitive to drying and sunburn. The red fluid acts as a skin ointment that provides protection from excessive heat.


Do rhinos sweat blood? No, they don’t. In fact, no animal can do that. It is impossible as the animal would die eventually because of the scarcity of this vital fluid.

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