Do tigers meow? Let’s Find Out

Do tigers meow? Well, it is not normal for a tiger to meow. A young cub may make some noise similar to meowing. But mature tigers don’t meow. Tigers’ throats are different than small cub. And it is quite unusual for them to meow.

Do Tigers Meow

Do tiger cubs meow?

Small cats are known for their meowing, and big cats are known for their roar.

A tiger cub might meow to express feelings or to communicate. Especially if the cub is tame, there is a big chance you can see it meow.

So, when do these tigers meow? They meow to show affection or draw attention. It’s another way of communicating with other tigers.

Do mature tigers meow?

No, a tiger cannot meow. All big cats have different voices to communicate. Moreover, it won’t suit their stature meowing like a cat, will it?

There are some videos or articles claiming meow sounds made by grown-up tigers.
The reality is those sounds are a bit different than meows. They are more like purring, grunting, and growling. No tiger can meow like a domesticated cat. Tigers can produce a sound close to meowing.

Fun Fact: Tigers grown in zoos might make a meowing sound. But the sound will be of lower octaves and won’t sound like the actual meow sound.

Why cannot tigers Meow?

Though belonging to the same Felidae family, big and small cats have different vocal structures. Tigers have a hyoid bone connecting elastic ligaments of the throat.

Also, a ligament between the Muscular thyroglossal and pharyngeal muscles is known as Epihyoideum.

Tigers’ vocal cords comprise long, heavy tissue that produces deep roaring, growling, or purring sounds. Cats don’t have a similar articulated structure. So they meow, and tigers don’t.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the biggest cat that meows?

Cougar is the largest of the feline species that can meow and purr. However, the sound would be quite different than domesticated cats.

Can tigers imitate sounds?

Yes, tigers can imitate the sounds of other animals to a great extent. Sometimes, they make similar noises to their prey to lure them into a trap.

Final Words

Tigers are beautiful so as their roaring. But their apparent meowing sound is way different than domestic felines. Even if they meow, it’ll sound like a purr.

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