Are tigers vengeful? Explained in 2024

Tiger is one of the most vengeful animals on the planet. Especially the Siberian tigers also known as Amur Tigers are considered to be highly vindictive.
Interestingly, tigers don’t have a long, retentive memory. So their vindictive nature lasts only for a short time.

Do tigers carry grudges?

Tigers have always shown a propensity to hold grudges against fellow wild animals. They have excellent short-term memory to remember and act accordingly.

There are several incidents of tigers attacking monkeys, lion cubs, and sometimes their fellow beings. But scientists argue whether these attacks are vengeful or reactionary.

Tigers don’t possess the kind of memories to retain info and show grudges later.

There are records of Siberian and Bengal tigers that proves some memory retention. To sum up, tigers carry grudges for a while. But they don’t carry grudges over time.

Do tigers take revenge on humans?

Tigers can have revenge on humans who wronged them. There are some recorded incidents of revenge taken by tigers for any human wrongdoings.

For instance, A tiger from Kerala is reported to take revenge on a poacher for killing a tigress. The incident might be impulsive or vindictive, but it remains a mystery.

Another record shows that a leopard, the most bashful of the cat family, has tracked its stolen cubs through the three Indian states for several days.

This incident provides evidence that to protect their own, tigers can have longer grudges than usually thought. They can take heavy revenge on humans if required. 

Story of Vladimir Markov: A tale of revenge

In 2010, John Vaillant, an American writer-journalist published a book named “The Tiger”. He narrates the story of Serbian poacher Vladimir Markov and his grisly end by an Amur TIger’s vengeance.

Markov reportedly shot the tiger in the encounter. The Amur was wounded but did not die. Later it followed Markov’s trail, destroyed his cabin and anything related to Markov, and killed him.

Vaillant argues that the act wasn’t an impulsive one; rather it was premeditated and vengeful. The tiger is said to have remembered Markov’s trail and scent for around 48 hours.

If Vaillant’s assessment is correct, tiger’s revengeful nature should be taken seriously.

Some similar incidents are recorded from various sources. But the case of Markov is unique and verified.

Story of Vladimir Markov

Frequently Asked Questions

What animals are capable of revenge?

Most intelligent animals are capable of revenge. Apart from humans, the list includes orcas, elephants, apes, dolphins, and tigers.

Why do tigers bite people?

Tigers usually don’t bite humans. But if they feel threatened or they are dead hungry, they can attack and bite people.

Who is more vengeful: the tiger or the lion?

Tigers are vengeful more than lions. According to statistics, tigers hold grudges for a long time, and they attack humans more than lions. Lions are lazy sods, and they like to be left alone.


Tigers may act out of vengeance, such as when they are attacked or threatened. However, these instances are rare, and it is more likely that tigers act out of instinct. While tigers may exhibit behaviors that appear to be vengeful, it is likely that they are simply responding to their environment and trying to protect themselves and their cubs. Ultimately, more research is needed to determine the true motivations behind a tiger’s behavior.

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