Rhino vs Tiger Who Would Win in a Fight?

The Rhino and the Tiger are two of the wildest, most ferocious, and intelligent predators. But which one would win in a fight in Rhino vs Tiger?

While Rhinos tend to be slow and less aggressive, Tigers can be quick and aggressive. This aggressive behavior is what helps a Tiger win in a fight with a Rhino. With its sheer speed, a Tiger can quickly tackle and take down a solitary Rhino as its prey.

rhino vs tiger

Rhinoceros vs Tiger – Comparison Chart

Comparison WithRhinocerosTiger
ScientificRhinocerotidaePanthera tigris
SizeHeight 1.7-2.1 m
Length 3.4-4.2 m
Height 1 m
Length 2.2-2.8 m
Weight1400 – 3000 kg90 – 300 Kg
Speed45 – 55 km/h50 – 65 km/h
DietHerbivore; Vegetation, fruits, herbs, shrubs, grasses, and aquatic plants.Carnivore; Moose, deer species, pigs, cows, horses, buffalos, and goats
HabitatTropical and subtropical grasslands, savannas and shrublands, tropical moist forests, deserts, and shrublandsRain forests, grasslands, savannas, and mangrove swamps
Lifespan35-50 years8-10 years


tiger swims

Tigers are opportunistic predators. During hunting expeditions, they will try to locate as much food as possible in the shortest amount of time so that they can get back and hunt again.

Rhinoceros walking on the field

On the other hand, Rhinos are primarily herbivores. They eat grasses, shrubs, and tree bark. Their diets consist of over 50% grasses & leaves. In addition to this, Rhinos have been known to eat as much as 8 pounds of fresh fruit per day!

Tiger vs Rhino – Speed, Behavior & Predator Instincts

Tigers are ruthless killers. With the ability to run up to 65 km per hour and strike a hefty bite of 1000 PSI in one second, Tigers can be very deadly. These big cats do not like to be disturbed by other animals. Males will tend to fight over females and even consume their own young to assert dominance.

In contrast, Rhinos are less aggressive animals. They live in herds and are very protective of their young. Rhinos will try to stay together in order to avoid predators.

Both species also have the ability to vocalize, but they do so differently. Tigers tend to use a deep growl while Rhinos have a soft grumble.

Can a Siberian Tiger Kill a Rhino?

If we talk about a Siberian Tiger, it can easily kill a small elephant or baby Rhino but not an adult one. However, these majestic cats would rarely encounter a Rhino in their lifetime. That’s because they are only found in the Russian far east and some places of Northeast China.

Fight Between Rhinoceros and Tiger

A Rhinos’ size enables it to make the best use of its body mass in order to survive. They can even combat predators such as lions by outlasting them. However, Rhinos cannot fight well against large Tigers because of their size and power.

In nature, about five species of Rhinos are found. Among them, three are Asian, and two are African subspecies.

Some wildlife observers have reported seeing fights break out between the Indian Great One Horn Rhinos and Dudhwa Tigers. But it’s a sporadic incident to behold.

Moreover, Rhinos have an enormous jaw, which is almost as powerful as the Tigers. Their lower teeth are so powerful that they can easily crush and breakthrough bones and hard objects. A Rhino’s horn is made up of keratin, a protein fiber.

In general, Rhinos have shorter and stubbed horns that are incapable of exerting any heavy pressure on their prey.

Tigers are considered more muscular than most other species of cats. Their jaws, teeth, claws, and physical strength can severely injure or kill their prey. It is not as difficult for them to knock down their prey, compared to other animals, as they have a more powerful bite force.

To make up for their power, Tigers have developed excellent senses with a keen sense of smell and hearing. This allows them to track down their prey by smelling or listening for frightful cries from nearby animals.

How Many Tigers Are Needed to Takedown a Rhino?

You can sometimes see a group of Tigers attacking an adult Rhino instead of just one. A pack of 3-4 Tigers is enough, but any more than that will not make much difference in taking the Rhino down.

Who Would Win in a Fight – A Tiger or a Rhino?

The Tiger might win in a fight with the Rhino because of its stronger abilities, bite force, and sheer speed. However, if speed and agility are not in the Tiger’s favor, the Rhino also might have a fair chance to win the fight.

Bottom Line

Learning more about Rhinos and Tigers can seem really intriguing. The Tiger would win in a battle with the Indian Rhino because it has more techniques & agility. It can easily outlast any prey and pick off leisurely.

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