What Animal Can Kill a Hippo | 8 Killer Animals

Hippos are amongst the largest animals on the planet. They are aggressive too. However, they can be killed by other animals. Yes, you will be surprised to see what animals can kill a hippo.

What Animal Can Kill a Hippo

8 Animals Can Kill a Hippopotamus

You can barely see an animal killing a hippo alone. Even for the lions, it takes them to be in a group to kill a hippopotamus. Yet, elephants, hyenas, and crocodiles have records of killing hippos, but on occasions. However, in the case of rhinos, they’re slightly capable of killing a hippo.

The following list comprises several animals who can kill a hippo in a group or individually.

1. Elephant

A group of elephant

Elephants and hippos are the two largest and most dangerous creatures on the planet. They can both frighten or even kill each other.

The elephant will surely win in a fight between an elephant and a hippo. As the elephants are too enormous, it’s uneasy for hippos to manage to beat them. And, hippos are too smart on choosing elephants for combat because they have no idea how to bring one down.

If an elephant attacks a hippo with anger, there’s the slightest chance for hippos to be alive.

2. Rhinoceros

Rhinoceros walking on the field

It’d be a close call, which is why Rhino and Hippos don’t fight very often. Both animals have solid territorial instincts. And the rhino has the advantage of having horns.

When two male rhinos fight, it’s all about horn clashing and urine splashing. And male hippos, on the other hand, use their huge teeth to inflict major harm on one another.

However, The rhino has an impressive speed, and in a close battle, the sharp horn of the rhino gives it the advantage to kill a hippo.

3. Lion

Lion hunted a hippo

Lions can kill anything. But for hippos, it’ll take them to be in a group. However, a lion alone can kill a baby hippo if the cub is on land and with no mother around.

The king of the jungles is a significant predator for baby hippos. They would wait patiently for the hippo to emerge from the water so they could ambush them from a reasonable distance and position.

But for adult hippos, a lion might need the power of pride.

4. Nile Crocodile

Nile crocodile

Nile Crocodiles are ferocious predators with a deadly set of teeth. If a young hippo is left alone around a reservoir, it will likely get killed and eaten by crocodiles.

And, like most animals, the crocodile is also unable to kill a fully grown hippo. Yet if they attack a hippo from behind in a lake, there’s the slightest chance. Still, they may need help from other crocodiles as well.

But if a crocodile gets a cub hippo around, it’ll take no time to kill it.

5. Hynes

Hyena Pride

Hyenas can kill only young hippos. They act in packs of a few members, taking advantage of the numbers. Usually, hyenas devour relatively small prey. They occasionally attack hippos when there is a food shortage.

And the most exciting fact is Hynes are predators for every animal. As they wander as a group, they can attack any animal and kill them. For baby hippos, they are one of the threats.

6. Human

Hippos have been hunted regularly by humans for their meat. There are a few tribes in Africa that hunt hippos for food. In Congo, people used to use rocket launchers to kill hippos. In their village market, hippo meat was a delicious item to buy.

Hippos are still eaten in their natural habitat in West Africa. Hippo meat is a popular delicacy in many regions. Many of whom are current or former military personnel. Poachers kill hippos using rocket launchers, machine guns, and even dynamite.

So, yes, many humans kill hippos for their food. But there’s no chance for a human to kill a hippo in a face-to-face fight.

7. Rock Python

African rock python

There’s a snack called African Rock Python in Africa, one of those animals that eat hippos. It’s a snake species feared for its massive size and aggressive hunting nature. They prey on young and vulnerable hippos at a first chance.

8. Other Hippos

Two hippos fight to death

Hippos can be dangerous for themselves. They are territorial animals with aggressive natures. If they find any uninvited hippo in their territory, they don’t think twice about killing it.

Even if a new dominant male hippo wants to claim the leadership, he can kill the leader of his herd. However, they only maintain the land law in the water. When they are in the land, they don’t even care about the presence of other animals.

What Eats a Hippo

Hippos have no potential predators because of their aggressive nature. Adult hippos are rarely preyed upon by other animals. But animals often prey on baby hippos that wander too far from their mothers.

Hippo Predators are:

  1. Nile Crocodile
  2. Lion
  3. Hynas
  4. African Rock Python
  5. Human

Hippos aren’t their primary food. They eat hippos when they get the chance. And, a few African tribes hunt hippos for food.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do hippos kill for fun?

Even though hippos are slow and sluggish, they are remarkably agile and aggressive. They spend most of their life in muddy water to keep themselves cool. However, they get involved in a fight often for playing purposes. And there’s a record of hippos killing impala, kudu, and buffalo while playing.

Can a gorilla kill a hippo?

No. The hippo is more aggressive and larger than a gorilla. So the hippo will win a fight against a gorilla. The hippo teeth are one of the main advantages for a hippo to beat a gorilla.


You surely know indeed what animals can kill a hippo? Even after being the largest and most aggressive animals, river horses still fight for their existence.

But, this is not easy for a carnivore alone to fight with a hippo. It may take a group of animals to take down a hippo.

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