What Zoos Have Hippos in the US [Top 15 Zoos]

Hippos are one of those animals why we take our kids to a zoo. However, not everywhere you can see them. That’s why we’ve made a shortlist about what zoos have hippos.

what zoos have hippos

Top 15 Zoos Have Hippos in the US

The following list is about some prominent zoos that keep hippos. It’ll help you to make a plan before an outing.

1. San Antonio Zoo

LocationTexas 78212, United States.
How many hippos are there2 Hippos.
Opening time9 AM
Closing time5 PM
Ticket cost24.99$ for adults (12+)
19.99$ for kids (3 to 11 years)

One of the best things about the San Antonio zoo is the view. The zoo will give you both the underwater and above viewpoint of the hippopotamus.

San Antonio Zoo keeps two female hippos named Uma and Timothy. Uma is the grandmother who turned 45, and Timothy is a cute 5 years old girl.

If you have kids under 3, you can take them there for free and enjoy the prettiest chemistry of grandmother and granddaughter. You’ll be allowed to feed them and take selfies as you wish.

2. Dallas Zoo

LocationTexas 75203, United States.
How many hippos are there2 Hippos. Mother and daughter.
Opening time9 AM
Closing time5 PM
Ticket cost15$ for adults (12+)
12$ for kids (age of 5 to 11)

Dallas Zoo is known for offering underwater views of hippos. There, you’ll get a large area for exploring. Also, when the trainer trains the hippos, you’ll be allowed to see them.

In the recent past, Dallas Zoo succeeded in giving birth to a calf named Adanna. It’s a girl. She was named after his dad Adhama. However, the 7 years old Adhama died because of severe illnesses; you can still enjoy the mother and daughter duo here.

3. Cincinnati Zoo

LocationOhio 45220, United States.
How many hippos are there2 Hippos. Mother Bibi (45), Baby Fiona (5).
Opening time9 AM
Closing time6 PM
Ticket cost10$ (For all ages)

Cincinnati Zoo is another place where you can see a mother-daughter duo. Father Henry and mother Bibi, with their infant daughter Fiona, seem to have a happy family. However, Henry died in 2018. Yet, Baby Fiona is now the centerpiece of many. Both mother and daughter can be found splashing themselves all day in the Cincinnati Zoo.

This is the oldest Zoo in the Us. It has more than 1.5 thousand animals in the 6/5 acres of land. The zoo did a great job in their breeding strategy as they were the first to produce California lions. And their latest attraction is the baby hippo, Fiona, for which you can go and visit.

4. Saint Louis Zoo

LocationSaint Louis, Missouri.
How many hippos are there3 hippos
Opening time9 AM (winter hours)
9 AM (winter hours)
8 AM (summer hours)
Closing time4 PM (winter hours)
5 PM (spring hours)
5 PM (summer hours)
Ticket costFree for all ages. However, a few attractions cost charges.

In Saint Louis zoo, you can see 6000 or more pounds of hippos playing underwater. When they shove at the viewing glass for playing, it’s a thrill to watch for both children and adults. Also, the Saint Louis zoo is an all-time favorite for visitors for its huge space and multiple viewpoints.

Whether the hippos are moving underwater or gathering at land, you’ll be able to see them from every angle. This easy-to-see privilege makes this place crowded. Once you plan to go there, go earlier.

5. Toledo Zoo

LocationOhio 43609, United States.
How many hippos are there2 hippos.
Opening time10 AM
Closing time12 PM (Mon, Wed, Thu)
4 PM (Fri, Sat, Sun)
Tuesday: Closed.
Ticket cost8.5$ Children (2-11)
10$ Adults (12-59)
8.5$ Seniors (60+)

Toledo zoo is specific for hippos. Two of the best facts about this zoo are it has ample space and allows visitors to see hippos from multiple angles.

This zoo was the first to film the birth of a hippo underwater. Because of its unique exhibition styles, it is referred to as the most complete zoo in the US. So, if you’re planning to visit hippopotamuses, Toledo Zoo is worth your consideration.

10 Other Zoos That Have Hippos

you can explore so many zoos. Here, we are mentioning the top 10 prominent zoos that have hippos in their arena.

ZooNumber of HipposViewpointTickets fees
Toronto Zoo3 hipposAbove water20$
Houston Zoo1 pygmy hippoAbove water22.95$ (adults)
17.95$ (children)
Kansas City ZooA five years old hippo named Cairo.Above water13 to 16 USD.
Lincoln Park Zoo1 pygmy hippo.Both underwater and above-water viewpoints.Free for all.
Philadelphia Zoo2 hipposAbove water view.23$ per person.
Zoo Miami1 pygmy hippo.Above water view.22.95$ for adults (13+)
18.95$ for children (3-12)
San Diego Zoo2, Mother and daughterUnderwater.62$ for adults.
52$ for kids.
San Francisco Zoo1 Nile hippo.Above water22$ for adults (12-64).
15$ for children (2-11).
16$ for seniors (65+).
Brookfield Zoo2 female pygmy hippos.Above water.Adults: 17.75 USD.
Children: 12.50 USD.
Seniors: 12.50 USD.
Gulf Breeze Zoo2 Nile hippos.Above water25 dollars for adults.
24 dollars for seniors.
20 dollars for children.

Final Words

Now, you’re certainly familiar with what zoos have hippos. No wonder you have a busy schedule; you can still make your way to visit the second large land animal on earth.

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  1. I’d like to mention a great small AZA accredited zoo that is not mentioned here that hosts hippos… The Topeka Zoo in Topeka Kansas. You can view the hippo outdoors, in its water feature outside, above ground outside, and indoor in a water feature, and above ground indoors during feeding sessions. Very inexpensive zoo to visit, about $8-$9 for adults.


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