Are Hippos Smart? Can Hippos be Tamed?

As Hippos are one of the deadliest animals, many people deny that hippos are smart. Yet, If we try seeing things from a different angle, we might see the other side of the hippopotamus. So, are hippos smart? Let’s have a look.

Hippos are conscious of their surroundings. They are wise enough to utilize their unity for survival. They can identify a specific voice and person and react to their moods if they get intimate with them.

You must head to the article to learn how river horses are intelligent and have other exquisite qualities. These fascinating facts might change your traditional aspects of hippos.

Are Hippos Smart

Are Hippos Smart?

Apparently, yes. Hippos live in groups and protect themselves from other wild species. When a hippopotamus calf is born, the mother and young hippos immediately gather around and make the team. The team intends to prevent harm from potential threats such as crocodiles, lions, and hyenas.

Hippos can identify their friends and enemies, among other hippos, by smelling their poop. Dominant hippos repeatedly poop in one place to mark their territory. Even if you think that pooping is one of their essential languages, there’s no wrong with that.

The hippopotamus doesn’t end up killing after a territorial fight among the dominants. They spare and establish the strongest.

Even after being an extremely violent animals, hippos understand the importance of unity. Unlike other ferocious animals.

Are Hippos Friendly?

are hippos friendly

Wild hippos are not friendly, and they are noticeably aggressive. The crucial environment has influenced their evolution to be territorial and dangerous. Even though they don’t have to kill other animals to consume, they will kill if they feel threatened. Going near would be lethal if they have their newborns with them.

Mostly hippopotamuses are aggressive in water. They don’t like any other species within their territory. That’s why it’s been seen that hippos attacked humans on boats.

Their significance in killing humans is noticeable in Africa. Because in that part of the world, people hunt hippos for food. Yet, hunting hippopotamus isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Whenever they trespassed hippo territory, it cost them their lives. If anyone can’t guess the hippo’s warning, there’s a strong possibility that the hippo will attack them.

Uncivilized tribal humans are not friendly as well. Because, unlike systematic civilization, the severe environment has made them brutal through evolution.

And hippos aren’t known for tolerating any threat. The point is we rather respect wild animals than think of friendly ones. Because being friendly is generally beyond their instinct.

Are Hippos Clever?

Researchers have found that hippopotamuses are food motivated. Trainers use this instinct to train them in zoos. They have weaknesses in fruits and vegetables such as apples, carrots, and cabbage. Hippos in the zoo often perform impromptu poses to have extra treats.

Hippos even play with plastic tubes. They let the trainer clean their teeth and allow humans to get near them when they understand they mean no harm to them. The most clever thing they do is put their ice treats into the pool to have a cooler bath.

Do Hippos Have Feelings?

The hippo is eating grass at the zoo

When humans have a relationship with hippos, they understand hippos are not entirely what they thought. They understood hippos react more calmly when they know they are safe.

When they spend a long time with certain humans, they recognize those human voices and respond to the tone and mood when called. Being perceptive has been seen among them.

They even respond with a particular name if they are trained. When hippos find intimacy with humans and are away from them for long, they call to have them in their company.

Can Hippos be Trained?

It takes a lot of effort and patience to train a hippo but not entirely impossible. Thinking of training a wild hippo is but stupidity. However, training a hippopotamus from its cubhood is possible if it gets what it wants.

We already know river horses are food motivated. Giving proper nutrition and their preferred environment will keep away their natural aggressiveness. It’s essential to ensure they feel comfortable with the environment. And they will naturally adopt the practice of a training routine.


Are hippos intelligent? The answer requires a few words as they are extremely dangerous to encounter. Their protective instinct and understanding of the importance of unity have kept them from extinction. On the other hand, they have feelings and a sense of affection.

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